What’s Fashionable in Women’s Clothing This Autumn

Every autumn a new range of fashion must-haves tries to bridge the gap between every woman’s summer and winter collections. So, what should you be adding to your wardrobe this season to guarantee you’ll be on trend while the autumn leaves are falling?Capes
As recently as just a few years ago, ponchos enjoyed a major fashion comeback with the hippie revival. So, it’s little surprise that women’s capes are now lighting up the catwalk and the high street too. Whether it’s a cape or a cloak, every woman’s wardrobe should have the more sophisticated version of the hippie poncho. Easily thrown over a sweatshirt, t-shirt or blouse, the cape is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.Camel coats
One of Vogue Magazine’s must-buys for autumn 2010, if you’re only buying one item this season, it’s got to be a camel coat. It’s not the style that matters here, it’s the camel colour that’s been such a hit on the catwalk. Combine the latest colour with this season’s top styles – shearling, military and trench jackets – to get the ultimate look this autumn.Military dress
The military look has been on the high street for a few seasons now, after many bands incorporated military styles into their stagewear. This autumn, however, it’s not only the military coat that is a must-have for every woman. It’s the first time the military look has really been ‘dressed up’ after featuring in many collections before as a casual style. Now, choose from a range of military items, from dresses to blazers, to create an outfit that’ll look great wherever you wear it.Leather skirts
Making a comeback in both tops and skirts, leather was big news on the catwalks showcasing this season’s autumn/winter collections. Leather skirts can be worn with virtually any top to create an individual look for any occasion. This season, the leather skirt will be one of fashion’s hottest items, from the pencil skirt to one of autumn’s other hot properties – the 1950s style wide skirt.Comfortable cardigans
Every woman’s wardrobe needs a comfy cardigan that makes them feel good whenever it’s worn. Like a hug from a loved one, this staple piece of clothing will make you feel god no matter what else you’re wearing. Perfect for slipping on when you’re lazing on the sofa or when you’re out walking, the cosy cardi is this season’s ideal combination of style, comfort and warmth.


Sugoi Men’s RS Event Pant (Black, XX-Large)

From loamy, damp forests to drenched, traffic-infested city roads, the tough Sugoi RS Event Pant intrepidly shields from rain, wind, and abrasion. With the perfect balance of high-tech materials, the RS Event Pant wicks perspiration, sheds water, andAAAmore importantlyAAAit won’t end up with shoddy duct-tape repairs.Advanced eVent fabric effectively blocks moisture while pulling perspiration to the surface Tough, abrasion-resistant Cordura in scuff and fall zones ensure durability 3M Scotchlite waterproof taped seams for complete weather resistance Riding shoes easily slide through extra-long 16-inch ankle zippers Cycling-specific fit for natural, unrestricted movement Reflective accents for added low-light safety Plenty of secure pockets for essential gear

Product Features

  • Material: [shell] eVent; [abrasion patches] Cordura; [reflective accents] 3M Scotchlite
  • Fit: articulated
  • Waist: elastic
  • Chamois: no
  • Chamois Thickness:
  • Removable Chamois:
  • Pockets: 2 side cargo
  • Weight:
  • Recommended Use: commuting, touring, singing in the rain
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 30 days

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Flash Back to the ’80s on the Runway

What goes around comes around, especially when referring to the fast-paced world of fashion. No matter what your preference for fashion may have been in years past, chances are, you will ultimately get to revel in the fashion choices of that decade once again as the trends come full circle. Just about every 30 years (give or take a few years), the same styles or a variation thereof come back into the mainstream of fashion. Even if they are not mainstream trends, given the cyclical nature of the fashion world, these styles will most likely show up on the runway and you can once again enjoy them.Many individuals do not keep the same clothes in their closets for thirty years, and even if they have, it is recommended to dig out those garments which resemble those being worn in haute couture. Chances are, what’s truly “in” style today is a bit removed from what was “in” thirty years ago. There are, however, similarities in fashion this fall and winter 2009 season to what was hot back in the 1980’s.One hot item this season that was all the rage when Madonna first entered the public eye is ripped stockings. Who can forget the Material Girl’s torn and tattered image, complete with ripped hose, bracelets upon bracelets, and black eyeliner? This look has been reminisced about and now has been revised and reinvented this season on the runway.Many models are using tight, ripped stockings to achieve the hard rock look, with lots of glam makeup and black. On the other hand, some are leaving this look for a more progressive ’90’s look and bringing back the ripped stockings in a grunge-type fashion, with big boots and chunkier accessories.One thing you must make sure to not do is rip the stockings in a way that leaves others unsure if it was intentional! If you are pairing the stockings with a cute, short tweed skirt or other ‘office appropriate’ clothing, make sure to also wear jewelry and accessories that clearly let the world know you are not headed off to your cubicle later that morning! Those in the know suggest using scissors or even a cheese grater to make intentional holes in the tights or stockings so that they are big enough and oddly placed. You can get really creative with this rock-chic look!Seen often with the ripped stockings is plaid and tartan. Plaid patterns on the tights themselves, as well as blazers and skirts or the shirts underneath them are just some of the looks that will be seen this fall and winter. 2009 sees a lot of various colors for plaid as well, not just the traditional black or grey pattern. Popular colors this season include blues, greens and yellows. Obviously, plaid needs to be worn with care; you should really only wear one plaid piece at a time to avoid looking overdone. Some celebrities that are fond of this trend are the ever-fashionable Katie Holmes and supermodel Kate Moss. Actress Mischa Barton has also been seen sporting this look.Another accessory making a comeback is the feather. This is a throwback, obviously, to the days of hats for the ladies and bowties for the gentlemen. However, the look is not a dated one and whether you love ’em or hate ’em, the feather is being worn this year on many pieces in a single fashion, as well as making an appearance in feathery-type skirts and dresses. Expect to see lots of feathers around the neckline as well. This look is more popular with women than with men, although some feather ties (made by Lanvin) have actually been spotted out there!One other look that is gaining popularity as a late season trend for women is the military look. Perhaps this is due to all of the military action in the world today, or just a deviation from the ultra-feminine look of last season, but military jackets are especially making a statement this year. Better to pair such a severe jacket, of course, with a feminine pair of pants, or even the ripped stockings which can create a rock-chic, sexy look. Don’t appear boxy by wearing this type jacket with wide-leg pants or a skirt that is too long and not pencil-thin.Since the bohemian look is also in this year, you could also make sure to wear this outfit with a pair of fringed boots and messed up, sexy ‘just-got-out-of-bed” hair. Hair is always a key element of the fashion trends each season. This year, blonde is back as is super-long locks. Some very short cuts are still in vogue, but the middle-of-the-road length will be left aside for either very short or very long. It is all about extremes this season, and hair is no exception! 2009 is showing up to be a very exciting year for people of fashion, on the runway and off.

Affordable Loose Gemstones – The 2010 Hot Jewelry Fashion Trend

Gemstone and jewelry trends are usually predicted by what is “hot” at the major gem shows held throughout the year in North America. Each year’s forecasting cycle begins with the annual AGTA Gem Fair in Tucson. The 2010 Tucson show confirmed what most in the gem industry already knew – a slumping economy would make cost the decisive buying factor for retailers, consumers and wholesale loose gemstone buyers alike.Popular top selling loose gemstones at Tucson were the predictable affordable gems such as Quartz, Topaz and Garnet. Tourmaline and Spinel were forecast to do well throughout 2010 too. Garnets, which have long been the poor man’s substitute for ruby, are always a natural choice for budget-conscious designs. Yet surprisingly, “go green” jewelry inspired by Pantone’s Fashion Color reports has introduced some interesting and very affordable gems back into the market. Dyed green Quartz, Tsavorite Garnet, green-colored Idocrase and heat-treated Amethyst are attractive and affordable gemstone jewelry choices for the “must have” eco-friendly look.At the recent JCK Las Vegas show, some designers included low-end jewelry lines – starting at $300 and up – in the prestigious high-end Couture show. This June 2010 show did not reveal a “hot” fashion or gemstone trend as has happened in other years. The mid-year forecast is that ready-to-wear and wholesale loose gemstone success stories will continue to be determined by budget-minded shoppers. Even bridal jewelry has seen a surge in popularity for modestly priced topaz engagement rings in lieu of far more expensive diamond solitaires.As the 2010 season rolls into Fall / Winter colors and textures, competition to capture the consumer’s attention and pocketbook will continue to push affordability over exclusivity. As more designers and jewelers diversify to accommodate lower price points, the market should see a refreshing interest in lesser known, yet very beautiful natural gems.Learn more about affordable Jewelry and Loose Gemstones at Anil B. Dholakia, Inc. – gem merchants since 1950.